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Author Guidelines

Last Update: 28.03.2017

A) Paper Writing Codes

Papers shall be prepared in accordance with the following rules. Non-observant applications will not be assessed.

  1. The paper can be in Turkish, English or Arabic. The length of the article should be in the range of 5000-8000 words. Electronic copy of the paper should be prepared in Microsoft Word program with Times New Roman font.

  2. The title should be first written in the language of the application (14 point, bold, small letters, middle centered). Then the title should be given in English one line skipping (12 point, bold, small letters, italic and middle centered).

  3. The name of the author / authors, the institution, department and the e-mail address must be entered in the member's registration. Since a blind review will be applied, information about the author / authors should not be given in the application.

  4. A summary of the paper of 150-200 words must be written in the language of the application, then a second summary of 150-200 words in English and italic. Beneath both summaries key words (maximum 5 words) should be given.

  5. Titles in the text should be numbered with the Arabic numerals (such as 1, 1.1, 1.1.2) and the sequence should not be more than three. First level headings should be 12 point and bold, second level and subsequent headings should be 10 point and bold.

  6. The text should be typed in 10 point and single line spacing. One line after each paragraph should be left blank and the paragraphs should start flush left. Quotations (if not more than three lines) made from other sources should be put in quotes and italic and if more than three lines the quotation should be given in a separate paragraph (one inch from right and left shifted, 9 point and italic).

  7. Tables and figures should be labelled with titles and sequence numbers, titles should be placed on tables (Table 1. Table name) and figures below (Figure 1. figure name). Tables and figures may be placed vertically (full page tables and figures may be placed horizontally), equations should be middle centered on the page, and the order numbers of the equations should be given in brackets and flush right.

  8. References should be given by using the in-text brackets method. The order in brackets should be as follows; surname of the author (s), (if no author is mentioned then first three words of the work, and immediately following three spots) the year, page number (s) (eg surname, year: page(s)).

  9. In the text, all referenced sources as above should be listed according to the APA format on the references list, and non-referenced sources should not be listed in this list. The sources must be written in alphabetical order and in APA format, as indicated in the examples. Articles and book titles should be written in small letters except for proper nouns. The initial of magazines must be capital. For bibliographic writing format one can consult the "bibliographic writing examples". 

  10. It is the responsibility of the authors to submit the final version of the applications in accordance with the rules of publication.

B) Reference Examples (For English Language Articles)

Click for APA reference examples ...


C) Rules to be Followed by the Authors

  1. Author (s) are obliged to prepare their application in accordance with the rules of publication and with maximum sensitivity to the code of ethics. Applications that are not submitted in accordance with the rules will not be evaluated until they are corrected.

  2. The authors (s) whose papers have been accepted may follow the evaluation process with the username and password sent to them via the internet page.

  3. After the evaluation process author (s) who have been asked for correction of their paper must hand in the corrected version within the time limit. Author (s) who do not respond within this period will be excluded from the evaluation of applications.

  4. Author (s) must update their applications due to the reviewer's recommendation. If they do not agree with the reviewers proposing, they must report their justification to the Academic Committee.

  5. During the evaluation process, the author (s) may request withdrawal by e-mail, letter or fax. The acceptance of the withdrawal request depends on the decision of the Academic Committee. The authors (s) can not send or publish paper for which the Academic Committee has not approved the withdrawal request to be evaluated elsewhere. For those initiating this, the institution and the relevant publishing organization will be informed.

  6. During the layout phase specified for the control and correction purposes, the author (s) must respond within a certain period. 

  7. The submitted applications prepared in line with the publication rules shall be put into process after the necessary examinations are made. Applications that are not in compliance with the rules will not be put into process.

  8. Authors (s) who are required to send their corrected submitted applications can send it in electronic form.

D) Sending an Paper on Internet

The following steps should be taken when applying online:

  • Open the registration form via the Register option in the menu.

  • Please fill out the registration form carefully (only the responsible writer should register here, since other authors will be registered in the posting phase in the co-writer application).

  • Once you have received your confirmation email containing your username and password, please follow the instructions in the message.

  • To send your application, login to the system with your username and password.

  • On the Active Submission page, click on the link under Submit New Application.
  • Upload your application in accordance with the instructions on the form.


E) Follow the Evaluation Process

  • You can follow the evaluation process of the submissions through the system. The application tracking can be done by the user name and password of the responsible author. You need to login to the system with your username and password. In order to access information about the application, it is first necessary to click on the 'Active' heading and then the heading of the application. The Summary tab on this page gives the bibliographic information of the application and the Evaluationtab gives the information about the process related to the application. Under the heading Reviewers Evaluation, one can find the applicant's date of submission, the date of the last review and the file link from the reviewer if available. Under Editor's Decision, there is an icon with "Editor / Author E-mail Register". The author and the editor can correspond via email. In the window linked to the icon, the editor saves comments for transmission to the author.


Submission Preparation Checklist

  1. This paper has not been published in any institution before, nor sent for publication and has not been presented to a conference (notify the manager if necessary)
  2. The summary is not more than 500 words.

Copyright Notice

Authors who submit to this conference agree to the following terms:
a) Authors retain copyright over their work, while allowing the conference to place this unpublished work under a Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows others to freely access, use, and share the work, with an acknowledgement of the work's authorship and its initial presentation at this conference.
b) Authors are able to waive the terms of the CC license and enter into separate, additional contractual arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution and subsequent publication of this work (e.g., publish a revised version in a journal, post it to an institutional repository or publish it in a book), with an acknowledgement of its initial presentation at this conference.
c) In addition, authors are encouraged to post and share their work online (e.g., in institutional repositories or on their website) at any point before and after the conference.

Privacy Statement


The names and email addresses entered in this conference site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this conference and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


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