4th International Ibn Khaldun Symposium

Ibn Haldun’s Asabiyyah Theory and its Application for Regional Integration in International Relations

Mohammad Hassan Khani

Last modified: 14-06-2017

Abstract (400-500 words)

Ibn Khaldun is famous mostly for its ideas in Islamic political thought and for his contribution to the political sociology. However His writings and theories have been viewed and cited less in the debated related to international relations. This article is an attempt to explore the elements and notions in Ibn Khadun works which somehow can be used in the realm of international relations in modern times. It is the main argument of this paper that Ibn Khaldun’s theory of Asabiyyah can be used as a basis for explaining and justifying for regionalism and regional integrations as a means towards creating regional organizations and unions. The paper also argues that based on this notion we can find threads and lines of communality and similarity between his theory and that of functionalism and neo-functionalism upon which regional organizations have been established and developed. The article finally examines the possibility of applying this mechanism for moving towards regionalism, regional integration and regional governance within Muslim world in general. and the Middle East and North Africa in particular.