1st International Ibn Khaldun Symposium

Ibn Khaldun’s Social Theory and Iranian Society

Taghi Azadarmaki

Last modified: 07-09-2017

Abstract (400-500 words)

This article attempts to demonstrate Ibn Khaldun’s presence, thoughts, and works.Despite the fact that he lived in the 14th and 15th centuries, his thoughts are appropriatefor discussion in the 20th century and have become a source of scientific and politicaljudgments. This article examines the evolution and importance of two intellectual traditions:Iranology and Returning to Self-Ego. In the first phase, the depiction of his thoughtsarises from the rational and political paradigm and the tradition of Iranology through aninteraction with Western development. In other words Ibn Khaldun’s thoughts were createdwith regard to Western development. Ibn Khaldun’s thoughts are of importance in thatthey explain the reason for Iran’s moving away from the historical perspective rather thantheir following their evolution, development and thus achieving a better status. With regardto the rational tradition of returning to the self-ego, it can be claimed that Ibn Khaldun’sthoughts are applied for the réintroduction of the historical past rather than a move towardthe future.


Ibn Khaldun; Social theory; Iranian sociaty

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