1st International Ibn Khaldun Symposium

Mit ve Gerçek Arasında: Arap Dünyasında İbn Haldun Tartışmaları

Cengiz Tomar

Last modified: 06-09-2017

Abstract (400-500 words)

Ibn Khaldun is one of the most discussed thinkers in the modern Arab world. The most important reasons for this are that he lived in a time of crisis that resembles the one that Muslims find themselves in at the present time, that his thoughts have found approval from Western scientists and that they possess modern characteristics. It is for these reasons that the thoughts of Ibn Khaldun, from the 19th century on, have given rise to a wide variety of interpretations, including pan-lslamism, nationalism, socialism and other ideologies that have found interest in the Arab world. In this article, after examining the heritage of thought bequeathed by Ibn Khaldun to Arab culture, starting from the time in which he lived, we will try to evaluate interpretations of al-Muqaddimah in the modern Arab world.


İbn Khaldun; Arabic Thinkers

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